Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My medical student experience

Last year is my first time of clinic year that i have to study with patient in ward and i was very excited.I met vary patient,vary disease but one that made me felt to want to be a good doctor,he is a teacher and he is my friend patient and his chief complaint was chest pain and just have been first chest pain.Firstly,doctor said that had needed cardiac cath but the later day from his imaging result told that he had needed surgery and one days before went to O.R.,he got fever that meant the operation have to postpone.After he got better from fever,the doctor team set O.R. but that evening he arrested and despites CPR team (included me)tried to rescue him for an hours,he deaded.I saw his family hold his body with crying.I was so sorry with them that i couldn't help him and that night i couldn't sleep and thought about that incident.Now i use that incident warn me to intent to be a good doctor and help as many as patient as i can.(I know that it is not a good blog because it has many specific words and too long. However, i want to write it because i am thinking about that now)


beautiful mine said...

You can be a good doctor.

someone said...

that's hot!!!!
we love you doctor....

ed said...

Blog what you will. It's your space so write what you want, when you want to. The more powerful your message the more intersting and thought provoking it is to the reader.
keep on keeping on

aaron said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. I think that you will have to deal with lots of death as a doctor, but this is good, because you can help so many people realize the value of both life and death. You have a very important task ahead of you.

Keep us informed.

Scott McLean said...

Hi, Do you still live in Thailand? Hope we can be friends. That would be cool. I hope to have more friends in Thailand as a plan to go there again.

Take care,